Interesting Facts

Position:  Ninty miles south of Cuba and six hundred miles south of Miami.

Distance to Germany: 5033,12 miles

Size: 4243 sq. miles

Population: In Jamaica live about 2,6 million people.

Capital: Kingston

Language: English and as part of Jamaican culture Patois.

Electricity: 110 Volt/50 Hertz

Time: MEZ -6 h , in summer -7 h

Traffic: left-hand drive

Money: The local currency is the Jamaican Dollar, US Dollar are the 2nd. You can change Euro to good conditions.


Adresses :

Jamaican Embassy


Schmargendorfer Strassse 321

Berlin Tel.: 030 - 859 9450


Jamaica Tourist Board

Postfach 900437

60444 Frankfurt

Tel.: 06184 7 99044


Best Car Rental

DANJOR CAR Montego Bay

Phone: 001-876-940 2679


The Jamaican People are a very friendly and gentle folks. They love to party and them love to smile, eventhough the country is poor and the costs of living are very high. The main income for most people is the tourism and so there is nobody to blame who likes to be a friend just because of the dollars in your pocket. For most people it is difficult to pay the rent and feed the family because they don`t have a regular income. Good payed work is very rare on the island and so the most important is to get the belly full. Sometimes you have to search for fresh fruits and vegetables. Even the rice is imported! On the bigger markets in towns like MoBay, Lucea or Sav-la Mar you will find what you need. The All-Inclusive-Resorts do import all their food and don`t buy from local people. Lots of food ends up in the wastebox by the end of the day. That is a shame. Most of the Jamaican population is living with a minimum, so whenever you bargain about a price, think of it. Inspite of everything, you better say NO if you`re asked if this is your first time in Jamaica. Say it is your second or third, because otherwise the price for whatever you need to pay for, will be automatically 50% higher. Take it with a smile. People are nice in Jamaica and you can always bargain and a friendly and straight "No,thank you" will mostly be accepted and both of you will walk on.


Getting around there are several ways to get around in Jamaica.The cheapest way is to take a mini bus or take a taxi which collects more than one guest. Just wait by the roadside for the next blowing horn, and even if it looks full, one more is always possible! You can also chose a regular taxi, which is much more expensive. Please discuss the price before you get in the car and pay at your final destination. If you travel with a lot of value, check your hotel for a reliable driver to take you, so you and your luggage will reach safe. The greatest way to explore the island and get around is to rent a car; and it is the most expensive. Driving in Jamaica is so much fun and you get the real jamaican feeling. Here they drive on the left side . Many Jamaicans are crazy drivers and you need to be be very careful beeing on the road. But if you do, it is amazing to drive around and have fun. Especially at night, when taxis charge nearly the double.


Geld ....the US Dollar is the most accepted currency next to the Jamaican Dollar, called JAI. Banks all major cities have ATM machines that take any cards to get local or foreign currency cash. Travellers checks can be changed at any bank or cambio. Cambios can be found everywhere. Do not change too much money at the airport, the rates are usually much lower than in your hotel or at the cambio.


Women travelling alone If you are female and plan a trip to Jamaica on your own, take care of how you behave when it comes to Jamaican men. They can be very smart and especially very direkt. it could happen that you get an invitation to bed within the next 5 minutes. Sex in jamaica is casual and part of the Jamaican culture, so who`s to blame!? A lot of women come to Jamaica to look for an exotic romance. Most men assume that the only reason for a woman coming to Jamaica is having sex. Just in case you are not interested. be polite, but not too polite and consequent with your NO and even the biggst Love God will hit the road sooner or later.