Best Time to go: December - Mai 85 - 88 °F Temperature in Juli - November 87 - 90 °F


People who do not like a too hot climate might prefer the winter season in the caribbean. The climate is much fresher and cooler. In summertime it rains once a day heavily and there is a high humidity and high temperatures.The climate in summer is much more tropical and even the ocean is much warmer to swim in. But just because of the high humidity you have lots more mosquitos and sandflies, so be well prepared with a protection spray, especially after the rain and sunset. Sun protection is a very important point. The caribbean sun is very strong and I suggest to use high protective sun-tan lotion and stay in the shade only for the first days! Like this you can avoid a sunburn. Drinking water is a very important point too. 2 liters of water and tea or any non alcoholic drinks are a daily must.