Jamaica offers a huge variety of attractions and beautiful things to see. Jamaica´s nature is just amazing and you can´t get enough of it. Everywhere you look there is something to discover and there are several ways to do this. If you have booked your holiday through a Travelagency, in most cases your hotel offers sightseeing trips by bus and a native speaking travelguide will accompany you if desired. If you like to experience the island more individual, you might ask your reception for a reliable driver to take you around. You better discuss the price before and pay after.The price depends on where you go and how long the driver has to wait for you.

 A great adventure is to rent a car and discover the island by yourself. It can take you to unexpected scenes and is not as dangerous as many may think. If you are a safe driver : NO PROBLEM MON. The public mini-busses are the cheapest way to get around and a lot of fun too, but you shouldn´t be in a hurry. But then Jamaica would not be the right island either :).





                               Rafting in Port Antonio on the Rio Grande


 A ride on the river with a bamboo raft in Jamaica is a highlight. There are several possibilities to do so. The nicest tour you do at the Rio Grande in Portland. The scenery is simply spectacular ! The leisurely trip on these floats, which were formerly the only way to transport bananas to the coast, is the topping on a cake of your Jamaican holiday. An absolute stunning adventure. The trip takes about 3 hours and costs 55 US Dollars per raft. Since it is a one way trip, you must add on the transport back if necessary. If you are traveling by car, there is the possibility to have a driver take your car to the final destination. The costst are USDollar 15,-. Are you traveling with a group , there will be organized shuttles. On your riverride you will encounter floating bars selling light refreshments. The raft captains do make stops to swim at suitable places to refresh a little bit. Simply wonderful! By the end of this heavenly journey you have the possibility to enjoy a snack or drink at Rafters Rest devastation. Those who prefer to book in advance please call Tel.: 876 - 993 5778 daily from 9°° - 17°° h.


                                                                Rafting on Great River



A wonderful and relaxing ride on Great River is a wonderful adventure for a day trip to Montego Bay. The river rises in Cockpit Country and winds for 52 km along lush vegetation and huge tropical trees. A ride on the raft takes about 90 minutes. Daily from Rafters Village. For information call Tel: 876 - 952 0889 or


                                                           Dolphin Cove


Explore Dolphin Cove and Treasure Reef if you stay in Jamaica. Swim with the Dolphins, sharks and rays. snorkel the reefs or ride a glass-bottom kajak. You can spend a whole day here. There is so much to see and do. Everything is well organized and planned. There are different choices of programme to be with the Dolphins and at different prices. You better make a reservation a few days in advance. Tel. 876 - 974 -5335 or



                                                       Dunn`s River Falls



Not far from Dolphin Cove, you get to Dunn´s River Falls. Jamaica´s most famous natural attraction and I guess the most photographed spot. You can climb up the cascades and take a fresh shower from the cool water running down to a pretty white-sand beach which is clean and inviting. The sound of the water running down is very impressing. Down by the beach there is a bar and restaurant to get refreshments.

For reservation call Tel.: 876 - 974 2857 or



                                      Kool Runnings Water Park in Negril




Not only for youngsters! Various fast huge slides promise great thrills. On weekends the park is a popular destination for Jamaican families and so it might be a little bit crowded, but the more the better and the most fun. There is no need to make a reservation. Tel.: 876 - 957 5400 or online


                                                       Glassbottom - Boat



Discover the amazing underwater world of the Caribbean Sea by boat and while you glide through the blue ocean watch all kind of fishes and seestars, shells and rays. After a little ride you have the chance to snorkel and feed the fishes. Most of the captains do have snorkel equipment for rent. There are many offers and boats, so you better bargain about the price and the time you would like to spend on the boat. This is a great way to waste time in Jamaica.



                                                        Horseback Riding


 Ride along the beach into the Caribbean Sea or take a morning ride into the mountains. whatever you will choose, you won´t forget this experience. You can ride on Negril`s 7 Mile Beach. Call Tel.: 876 566 0698 or book a guided tour at Rhodes Hall Plantation, close to Negril. Tel.: 876 957 6883 or

 In St.Anns Bay there is Hooves to go horseback riding. Call Tel.. 876 - 972 0905 or at