Port Antonio


North of the Blue Mountains, nesteled between tropical rainforest and the fascinating coast, is definetely the most beautiful side of Jamaica. Here in wet Portland, a rain drenched vegetation offers small villages in magnificent nature, stunning coves and beaches framed by palmtrees and cliffs, complete this amazing scenerie. Plantations where sugar, banana and coconut is planted are well riminders of the past and history. The Reach Falls, the Blue Lagoon and a river raft on the Rio Grande are only a few highlights of Portland. Frenchman`s Cove is considered to be the most beautiful beach on the island, but also San San Beach, Winnifred Beach and Boston Beach, famous for the legendary Jerk Pork and Chicken, are werth a day trip. Longbay is a surfers paradise.

Port Antonio offers a nice change to do some shopping or have lunch in one of Port Antonio`s great restaurants. the town offers a decent amount of good accomodations and hotels. My favourite place is the Palace Hotel. It is the most remarkable hotel I have stayed in here in Jamaica. An impressing and unusual fantasy hotel with a huge black & white tiled patio and a pool in the shape of the island. The huge white building has been designed to resemble a European Chateau. The rooms are spacy and clean and offer large beds. You find exceptional art decorated all over the hotel and the gallery offers more art to take home. A wonderful place to stay you should not miss! German is spoken and friendly service a must.


The best view on the town is from the terrasse of the Bonnie Viwe Plantation Hotel, a spot to meet and enjoy a sundowner for sunset. Maria Carla Gullotta, running the Drapers San, is employee of the Port Antonio Guesthouse Corporation and she can help making reservations as well as organize a tour or a daytrip for you. Tel.: 867 - 993 7118 www.go-jam.com


Hotels in Port Antonio


Palace Hotel: Tel.: 876 - 993 2020 www.jamaicapalace.com

San San Tropez Hotel : Tel.: 876 - 993 7213 www.sansantropez.com

Mikuzi Hotel : Tel.: 876 - 987 4859 oder 813 0098

Moon San Villa : Tel.: 876 - 9937600 www.moonsanvilla.com

Search me Heart : Tel.: 876 - 353 9217 www.searchmeheart.com

Demontevin Lodge: Tel.: 876 - 993 2604 e-mail: demontevin@cwjamaica.com

Geejam Hotel,  www.geejamhotel.com



Dr. Daniella Speed in Boundbrook Tel.. 876 - 9933564

Dr.M. Valenti, 38 West Street ist ein Heilpraktiker Tel.. 876 - 715 6486



Das öffentliche Krankenhaus von Portland befindet sich an der Nuttall Road. Tel.: 876 - 993 2646


Internet Access:

Die Portland Parish Library im Marina Park offers the most affordable possibility to use the internet. J$ 150 for 1 hour.


Car Rental:

Eastern car Rentals, an der 16 West Street, Tel: 876 - 993 3624







Great River
Great River
Palace Hotel Port Antonio
Palace Hotel Port Antonio