Until the early 70s, Negril was a paradise for the Hippie Generation and backpackers from all over the world. With a population of about 200 it wasn`t very densley populated and there haven`t been a lot of hotels on the beach. Today Negril became the most famous tourist spot in Jamaica with all kinds of people from all countries. The legendary 7 Mile Beach offers first row seats to watch the amazing spectacle when the sun sinks into the ocean. No building here is allowed to be constructed higher than the Palmtrees and the fantastic colours of nature with the shimmering blue of the sea is just a perfect picture and the ultimate place to spend a vacation.


In Jamaica the nights are long, especially in Negril, and the Jamaican People use every opportunity to turn the night into day. Reggea concerts are held several times a week and on weekends. In the villages, on the beach or at Westend Road. The most stunning location for a nice concert to me is Negril Escape in the Westend . To my regret they don`t do concerts there any more. 

On tuesdays people meet at Alfred`s Ocean Palace Bar, a location on the beach with an open air stage, a flamboyant public and great Live-Reggae Shows . On mondays and saturdays the place to be is Bourbon Beach Bar and Restaurant, just in case you get hungry; they serve food after midnight ! If you like it a bit more american style try Margaritaville,


In Negrils West End you'll find lots of nice little bars and restaurants for a last drink by the ocean. The barkeepers are friendly and will be pleased to leave the bar open until you leave and get another Red Stripe open. It is wonderful to sit by the cliffs at night, just watchching the rough sea. For those who still don't want to go to sleep there are clubs like The Jungle or for the very early morning hours the Triple X. The latest spot is the SCRUB-A-DUB Club. Right behind the Texaco gas station in town.


Some love to be on the beach 24/7 and those who prefer activities, get a lot to offer on the beach. Paragliding, Jet-Ski, Snorkeling, Diving and Waterski, there is a lot to do, which promises lots of fun. Let some steam off at Margaritaville on the two huge trampolins on the water. Here party is announced all day long.


Jamaica is well known for its fantastic kitchen.Tropical ingredients and spices play a leading role for the delicious dishes they cook here. Jerk is the legendary flavour of Jamaica either you like it hot and spicy or mild and smokey or a little sweet....whatever taste you prefer; it's always finger-licking good! The best Jerk Chicken in Negril you find at Best in the West and Ossies, both located at Norman Manley Boulevard. But in any other location you will find delicious food. Try the Ackee and Saltfish, a traditional Jamaican Breakfast, done with onions, pepper and saltfish served with plantains, dumplings and callaloo.Patties and Cocobread are a welcome and cheap snack on the road and you find them in bakeries, at petrol stations or in small shops . Tastes yummie!


But once in a while you want to enjoy and visit a nice restaurant. Here are a few restaurants in Negril which I can recommend and where I've always eaten well:


Yard House - directly on Seven Mile Beach


Canoe Bar & Restaurant - a small restaurant with a small beach and views of Long Bay, very tasty and not too expensive


The Hungry Lion - for fans of vegetarian food and fish, located on West End Road


Seasplash - Hotel Norma's on the Beach - upscale Jamaican kitchen, convenient, direct on the beach


Kuyaba on the Beach - excellent restaurant on the beach with a fantastic kitchen,try the Papaya Roundown Shrimp


Rock House Restaurant - Located right on the cliffs, very good kitchen , surface and very friendly service, Pick Up Service


Sweet Spice - Jamaican food and not too expensive


A wonderful possibility is to cook by yourself. I f you have kitchen, get some fresh vegetables and fish on the market and try some jamaican recipes. See recipes



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Reiseführer Jamaica:

ADAC Reiseführer von Alexander Jürgens

The Rough Guide to Jamaica by Polly Thomas&Adam Vaitlingam