In general Jamaica is a safe destination for travelling. The water is one of the best in the world and when served as tab water well filtered and chlorinated and the food is hygienically prepared. There is no malaria in Jamaica ! There are no poiseness animals as snakes or spiders. Jellyfish are quite common, but apart from the pain not really dangerous. It is mostly the heat and dehydration causing problems as our body is not used to such high temperatures and humidity. You need to drink a lot of water and have some light food. Spend the first days in the shade. People who use to be very affective to stomach deseases, better have their drinks out of the bottle and rinse or peel off fruits and vegetables. Have a medical and dental check-up before you leave and a pre-prepared medical-kit might be useful. If needed bring your own prescriptions for medications you might need.

In all touristic areas you find doctors and hospitals. In case of emergency your hotel may assist you. If you don`t stay in a hotel, here are a few listings that are helpful in case of emergency :


Doctors & Hospitals Negril:


Dr.Michelle Catterell Grant | Tel.: 876 - 957 3770

Dr.Dale Foster | Tel..876 -957 9307 od. 876 - 3811698

Medical Emergency | Tel.. 110

Dr. Rodomski | Tel.: 876 - 3838 111

Negril Health Clinic | Tel.: 876 - 957 4926

Lucea Hospital | Tel.: 876 - 956 2233

Sav - la -Hospital | Tel.: 876 - 955 2533

Baywatch Pharmacy Negril | Tel.: 876 - 957 3941